Month: December 2020

Unregistered casinos vs. classic online casinos

Comparison is the best way to find the casino platform that is ideal for your player needs. That’s why Bernie recommends you to try both casino times: classic (with registration) and pay n play casinos. And the differences can be seen from the way the platform is accessed. In the case of a casino without an account, you no longer need to register (or you can do so quickly through the account on a social network). Basically, from the moment you access the casino you are in the position of making deposits, which, to be honest, is not possible when you opt for a registered platform.

Because, in the case of a classic online casino, you are at the level where you have to go through the registration form (which lasts up to 7 minutes). Later, after you confirm the account (by email or phone, and in the case of certain casinos, by both methods) you can make the first deposit. Some casino platforms impose a deposit limit, which can be raised by verifying identity. Another difference is related to the first withdrawal, which must undergo the KYC (identity verification) procedure, which means that you will have to wait at least 48-72 hours. So, a casino without an account is an advantage over one with registration.

Players have the opportunity to withdraw money instantly, which is much faster than any other way available on online casino platforms. Basically, the player can withdraw his win at any time with Trustly, and the commissions are displayed on the spot. It is a clear advantage compared to classic platforms, where the player has to wait for the payment to be processed according to various elements (number of transactions, limits imposed by the casino, identity verification, etc.). So, if you are a fan of unconditional fun, try a casino without registration!

Bonuses offered by Pay n Play casinos

In the absence of registration and an account on which to make the necessary transactions, you may think that it is not possible to receive bonuses at such casinos. However, depending on the amount deposited, you may receive a deposit reward. For example, No Account Casino offers you a bonus on any of the 25, 50 or 100 Euro deposits. Another example of a bonus that can be obtained at these casinos without registration is cashback. Its value is not high, somewhere at 10%, as is the bonus offered by Prank Casino to its players.

And what is even more important is that at a casino without registration you do not have to meet the registration requirements (as happens in the case of normal online casino platforms). The cashback bonus is granted without restrictions on the amount of losses, as is the case with an online casino. Simply, on the specified day, regardless of the amount lost, the player receives back 10% of the record losses within a certain time frame.

At the level of bonuses, online gambling sites are superior in terms of supply. The same goes for games. Despite these aspects, Pay n Play platforms are a fast-paced game option for players who prefer quality slots and want instant deposits and withdrawals.